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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, commonly known as NAD, is a molecule present in all cells of the body and is vital for life. It primarily acts on the mitochondria of the cells, the “powerhouse”, where energy is produced, and it’s a co-enzyme to vitamin B3.
Every single cell needs NAD to function. NAD fuels metabolic reactions, like gasoline in any vehicle, but it is more than just the fuel in your tank. Everything needs fuel to run, and your body is no exception. For your body, NAD is an essential part of the fuel-making process. Decreases in NAD levels have been linked to a vast array of health conditions associated with healthy aging functions, metabolism, addiction, circadian rhythms and some chronic illnesses.
One of NADs primary functions in the human body is transferring energy obtained from food to the rest of the body. It has also been identified as a cornerstone in the maintenance of healthy internal organs along with the neurological systems. When you don’t have enough NAD, your metabolism is lowered and your body isn’t able to properly repair your DNA. Our NAD levels decrease with age, which causes oxidative stress (the buildup of free radicals). This leads to brain fog, exhaustion, haggard skin, decreased energy levels, and less mental clarity. 
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Why All the Hype for NAD?

NAD infusion therapy can be a powerful treatment for a variety of ailments, and you don’t have to wait until a chronic condition strikes to reap the benefits. As we age, our bodies make less NAD and we experience more DNA damage. NAD infusions help improve mental clarity, muscle function, metabolism, and mood! NAD can also help with the aging process aging all around such as:

  • Reducing brain fog and improving cognitive function
  • Easing anxiety depression and promoting relaxation
  • Chronic fatigue and low energy levels
  • Weight-loss struggles
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Restores the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles

NAD therapy at The Drip Lounge combats these concerns by boosting your NAD levels, which also boosts metabolism. This is very important because, as we age, it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight and build muscle. NAD is a truly incredible anti-aging, anti-inflammatory drip that reverses neurodegenerative disease, delivers energy, and repairs damaged DNA.

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD infusions help kickstart the anti-aging process and increase energy production depleted from overeating, consuming alcohol, lack of exercise and sleep, stress, among other aspects of life, lead to cellular damage. Known as the “anti-aging molecule”, NAD therapy at The Drip Lounge Charleston works from the inside out. It slows the aging process, restores the appearance of skin, and even reduces wrinkles. When NAD levels are increased in the body, these signs of aging decrease because NAD has the ability to return your cells to the state they were in when you were younger — turning back your cells’ biological clock.
When administered intravenously for optimum bioavailability, NAD can improve mood while boosting energy, mental clarity and brain function. Symptoms of depression and anxiety often improve as cells are repaired. NAD infusions flood your body with an essential coenzyme it may no longer be producing at sufficient levels, restoring a host of functions for a deeper sense of overall wellness.

The Drip Lounge NAD IV Treatment

At The Drip Lounge, we offer a comprehensive NAD+ package designed to help you harness the power of this all-natural treatment. A series of four NAD treatments are administered over the course of a seven-day period to jumpstart a load of NAD into your cells. Each and every NAD treatment is followed with a GameChanger vitamin push, containing 18 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost the bodies, energy and immune function. During the first weeks loading treatments, your body is bathed in a NAD that rapidly repairs on a cellular level. After the first weeks treatment we recommend a once per month treatment at The Drip Lounge.
Unlike oral supplements, IV infusions release NAD+ directly into the bloodstream. Oral supplements must pass through the digestive system where they are absorbed through the stomach, and only a fraction of the active ingredients in supplements are absorbed. With IV therapy, your body is able to make full use of all it is given, providing a much faster and far more efficient and effective treatment. When your brain and body are functioning at their peak, every day can be a great day.

The NAD Experience


NAD+ is a coenzyme that can be found in all living cells. A vital component of the Krebs cycle, it transfers electrons and hydrogen in order to produce all of your body’s energy. Among the most important building blocks for life, it participates in over 100 metabolic processes.

The effectiveness of NAD+ infusions is higher than supplements. Due to its difficulty in digestion, NAD+ is less bioavailable because it is difficult to break down in the stomach. Through bypassing the intestinal tract, NAD+ can be absorbed and utilized by the body fully.

Treatment with NAD+ infusions is completely safe. It’s a natural substance that’s readily absorbed by the body.

People who suffer from reduced energy levels, fatigue, or feel like their minds are constantly foggy can benefit from this IV treatment. By replenishing your body’s NAD+ levels, you can significantly reduce these types of feelings.

As well as promoting healthier aging, NAD+ infusion therapy is effective in treating substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to its ability to support enzymatic functions, it can also treat Lyme disease.

NAD+ infusions can cause nausea, headaches, cramps, and fatigue during infusion. By slowing the IV drip, these symptoms can often be alleviated.

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